Hortus Botanicus


I’ve kinda been procrastinating about uploading my photos from my summer trip up to Mendocino County, CA. Fiiinally I got around to resizing and saving some of them from my visit to Hortus Botanicus in Fort Bragg. Let me just say that if you’ve never been there and you live in the Bay Area, then you really should make the effort to get over there. It’s such a cool little nursery with an emphasis on weird botanical delights. I’m talking succulents, orchids, bromeliads, South African natives, Australian natives and last…but certainly not least…CARNIVOROUS PLANTS! The owner, Robert Goleman, has a very impressive personal collection of carnivorous plants as well as many different genera of CPs available to purchase. I’ve attached a few photos below of the many Sarracenia species and hybrids residing there. Enjoy!

{FYI: another post about HB is likely to follow with more photos}