My Newest Roommate


So this past weekend I attended my fourth (or maybe it was fifth???) Pacific Orchid Expo here in San Francisco. I’m always in awe at some of the amazing orchids I see there so I can imagine how bad it must be for true orchid aficionados. My favorite exhibit (AND sales booth) always belongs to Andy’s Orchids. They have an AMAZING selection of species orchids. In years past I’ve gone to their sale booth without a plan only to find myself dazed and confused an hour later not knowing what to buy. This year I decided to make things easier on myself and go with an orchid native to a place where most of my favorite Nepenthes come from: Borneo. After finding a friendly salesperson and giving her my criteria, she was able to track down a few orchids from Borneo for me. I’ll admit that it still wasn’t a piece of cake when it came time to choose but boy did it help! I ended up leaving the show with a Bulbophyllum macranthum. It’s not in bloom yet but the photos that I’ve seen online of the flower are growing on me :] Check it out: