Hamata is King (of my collection)


I’d say out of all the Nepenthes out there, the one that evokes the most admiration from growers has to be N. hamata. [Ok, maybe that isn’t entirely true. N. macrophylla and N. edwardsiana are heavy-hitters too. I don’t have an N. edwardsiana (sigh) BUT I do have two N. macrophyllas. I’ll have to save that for another post though. 🙂 ]


If that N. hamata also happens to be seed-grown then double that admiration. The reason I say this is that I’ve seen the sheer number of responses and views from online posts related to hamatas. People go crazy for ’em! Also, prices for tissue-cultured plants are usually high. I’m not really shocked though since this has to be the most sinister-looking of all Nepenthes (and perhaps any other carnivorous plant). Those wicked, recurved teeth. That wild hair on the top of the lid. That cool pattern on the pitcher. What’s not to like?!?! Alright, alright…I’ll quit gushing about this plant (for now) and go ahead and show you my seed-grown N. hamata. Here is the latest (and greatest) pitcher. ENJOY!